Name Kanji (ゆず)() Yuzuki
Race Shiki
Gender Male
First appearance
Anime Debut Second Decay
Seiyū Masanori Machida

On August 26, Masao accidentally bumped in to a sick looking Yuzuki.

He comes back as a vampire and mainly goes after children. He is also the one who killed Masao Murasako.

He gets punished by Tatsumi for attacking little children, such as Takashi Tashiro and Hiromi Murasako. He is torched with sunlight but survives. No matter how many times he got rebuked, he still wanted to attack little boys exclusively.[1]
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Yuzuki was killed when the war between the humans and the risen broke out. He hid in the pipelines along with other vampires such as Nao Yasumori, Ebuchi and Takatoshi Hirosawa. He was found and staked by Sadafumi Tamo while he was asleep.

Anime AppearancesEdit


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