Yoshikazu Tanaka
Name Kanji ()(なか) (よし)(かず) Tanaka Yoshikazu
Race Shiki
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Staked
Gender Male

Yoshikazu Tanaka is the husband of Sachiko and the father of Kaori and Akira. There is a focus on him at the start of episode 12.

After death, his body is immediately taken by Dr. Ebuchi. His funeral is then held by Hayami.

October 22Edit

Yoshikazu is sitting by a path in Yamairi when Megumi spots him. Seeing her, he angrily asks how she could do that to him, but she says that he's a hypocrite because he wouldn't be there if he hadn't attacked someone either. She explains somethings and manipulatingly suggests that he attack his own family because if he rose, his children would have a chance of rising. He is disgusted her suggestion, but she says that if he doesn't someone else will.

October 23Edit

He returns to his home, hoping that their be happy to have him back. Before he enters he realizes that he can't come in unless someone invites him. Love starts barking at him, causing Sachiko to come outside. He hides but eventually greets her. She becomes very frightened, thinking that he is a ghost. He tries to reason with her but she refuses to listen and yells at him to go back to his grave and stop haunting them. As she crawls away, he grabs her feet. While crying, he attacks her.

When he returns, he stuns his daughter with his sudden appearance but she beats him to death.

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