Yasuzou Muramatsu
Name Kanji (まつ)(むら) (やす)(ぞう) Matsumura Yasuzou
Race Human
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Crushed by a mallet
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Liquor store employee
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 5
Seiyū Takayuki Masuda

Yasuzou Muramatsu was an Ookawa's employee and Yasuyo's father. Ookawa alsways called him "Matsu". He calls Ookawa and mentions that Yasuyo died. During the war, he was bitten by Yoshie Kurahashi, who gave him with a gun, and ordered to shoot and kill Toshio Ozaki. However, he shoots and kills Atsuko Yasumori instead. He is then killed by Ookawa.

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Anime AppearancesEdit


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