Yasuyuki Ootsuka
Name Kanji (おお)(つか) (やす)(ゆき) Ootsuka Yasuyuki
Race Human (Originally)

Shiki (Currently)

Age 20+
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Drained of blood (As a Human)

Staked (As a Shiki)

Birthday (Unknown)
Gender Male
Personal Status
Occupation Lumber Constructor
Seiyū Daisuke Endou
Voice Actor Scott Freeman
" "
Yasuyuki Ootsuka, from the local lumber shop, was seen in episode 6 by Akira Tanaka going into the castle.

Kaori relates that Yasuyuki, like Megumi, had mentioned meeting Mrs. Kirishiki.

He was incharge of the undead's huts. He layed out the dead bodies that Hayami send from his funreal parlour in rows in the huts. If they rise, he sends them to the hideout in the mountains and if they don't he buries them. He is assisted by Takatoshi.

November 3rdEdit

He buried Junko Yasumori with Takatoshi. Yasuyuki ends up scolding him for not locking the door and letting Tae Yano out.He died when the war between the Humans and the Risen broke out.He is staked by Tomio Ookawa



Anime AppearancesEdit


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