Yasuyo Hashiguchi
Name Kanji 橋口 やすよ
Race Human
Age 40-50
Status Alive
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Nurse
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4
Seiyū Izumi Sawada
Voice Actor Wendy Powell


Yasuyo Hashiguchi is one of the nurses from Toshio Ozaki's clinic. She was one of the first few people in Sotoba to know of the spreading epidemic. She is the oldest among the nurses and is considered to be Ritsuko Kunihiro's best friend. She was very concerned about Toshio's increasing stress and behavior about handling the epidemic. Later, she becomes instrumental in the war of the Shiki and the humans.


She was kidnapped by the Shikis as a bait for Ritsuko. She was eventually placed in the cell of the newly risen Ritsuko, apparently to be fed of her blood. She appears to be frightened of Ritsuko's state but she was ultimately convinced that Ritsuko retained her humanity after refusing to drink her blood. Tohru tried to convince Ritsuko but she was unmoved by her decision. Relenting to her resolution, Tooru finally lets Yasuyo free.

Yasuyo then tried to escape the Shiki's lair, but were approached and attacked by wild dogs. She eventually reached human company and gave them a very important information: the location of the Shikis in Yamairi.


Anime AppearancesEdit


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