Yamairi is an area in Sotoba that is inhabited by a very few residents. Prior to the start of the series, the first deaths occur in this area. A couple of the bodies were badly decomposed with limbs torn off of them. After the bodies were discovered, the shiki used the houses in Yamairi to serve as their hideout since none of the villagers would expect for them to be hiding there. Later on, Tatsumi blows up the road leading to Yamairi so it could be further isolated from the village.

Later, Akira Tanaka discovers that some of the shiki are hiding out in the houses due to the boards covering the doors and windows. He breaks open one of the houses and discovers Iwao Maeda sleeping. Before being able to stake him, Tatsumi captures and ties him up while Old Man Maeda wakes up.

Eventually, the villagers discover that Yamairi is the shikis' nest due to Yasuyo Muramatsu escaping capture and informing them that there were swarms of them there. Dr. Ozaki and the rest of the village mob invades the houses and stakes all of the shiki to death. Later, the fire that burns Sotoba down was started by the shiki in Yamairi.

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