Tatsu Takemura
Name Kanji (たけ)(むら) タツ Takemura Tatsu
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Takemura Stationery Store manager. She moved out of the village, but her husband was killed in action. Bereaved, she moved back to town. 店の立地条件から、日中に村を出入りする者は必然的にタツの前を通ることになるため、村人や車の出入りには詳しい。また、暇を持て余した老人達の噂話に付き合っていたこともあって、村の異変にも早い段階から気付き始める。

On November 5th, she is seen leaving town on a bus, hinting at going to Sunny House care support centre.

Along with Takeko Hirosawa, Oitarou Satou, and Yaeko Ootsuka gossips at Takemura stationary shop.

Family TreeEdit

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Anime AppearancesEdit


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