Name Kanji ()(ろう) Tarou
Race Shiba
Gender Male

Tarou is the family dog of Ritsuko Kunihiro. Through his playful "attack" on Natsuno, Ritsuko and the boy become acquainted in Episode 2.

Appearance Edit

He is medium-sized black dog with a white muzzle and forehead. His ears are pointed and his fur is quite short. He wears an orange collar and can be seen either sleeping in his dog house or walked around with Ritsuko.

Plot Edit

Ritsuko is walking Tarou through the streets when suddenly the dog chases down Natsuno and jumps on him, licking him. Ristuko apologizes and regains control of Tarou.

Later on, after Ritsuko had seen Nao Yasumori walking around in the woods after having died, she takes Tarou and attempts to get to Ozaki clinic. Tarou is resistant as he attempts to hide back in his dog house and becomes aggressive when he notices Shiki nearby.

It is unknown what happen to him after Ritsuko and her family's deaths.

Anime AppearancesEdit


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