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Name Kanji (たか)() Takami
Gender Male

Takami is the name of a policeman reported to have died in episode 4. After he died and they returned from the hospital, his wife and two kids moved out of the village. Their belongs were packed up in an evening and the moving truck left around midnight. There was this truck parked outside the police box, with Takasogo pine trees pained on the side. They left their furniture behind, and carried only their clothes with them. At the same time, Sasaki was already there to take Takami's place.


On August 6th, Seishin Muroi discovers the bodies of Mieko Murasako and Hidemasa Murasako already died after not being able to contract Shuuji Gotouda's relatives. When he finds their bodies he goes to use Gigorou Ookawa's phone, but he finds his body. Takami files the report.

On August 11, Takami says that Seishin Muroi and Toshio Ozaki said that Megumi Shimizu might have came up to Kanemasa's, so he wanted to ask them if they seen her, but he got nervous dealing with people from the city, so he asks Yuuki to ask them, since he's from the city and he agrees.

Using a PA system, he says that they're looking for a high school student and asks if he could ask them some questions. Tatsumi asks them to wait a moment and then opens the door. He says that nobody in the house has seen her but offers to help search for her, because the master of the house said that everyone should help one another. He says that his name is Tatsumi and he's a servant and asks how he can help.

August 24th Tokujirou Yasumori calls him to warn about the river swelling from the rainfall. Takami decides to go to the Kirishiki house to warn them and get a headcount.

August 28th, his kids said he came home sick with a pretty serious cold.

On August 29th, he passed out in the bathroom and then passed away.

Family TreeEdit


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