Takae Ozaki
Name Kanji ()(ざき) 孝江 Ozaki Takae
Race Human
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Murdered
Gender Female
Seiyū Kaori Yamagata
Voice Actor Pam Dougherty

Takae is the mother of Toshio.

Although she is helpful to Toshio, she is somewhat proud of the Ozaki name and is domineering towards his clinic workers and his wife Kyouko.


Atsushi sees Namie in Takae


Atsushi kills Takae

Atsushi, planning to kill Toshio Ozaki, breaks into her house. Though she initially mistakes him for her son, she soon recognizes him. He had come many times to deliver orders and often did a poor job and she had scolded him before. She demands to know what he's doing in her house. She tells him to get out and says that she'll take pity and not call the police. When she's saying this, he can only see him grandmother and kills her.

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