Tae Yano
Tae before becoming a shiki
Name Kanji 矢野(やの)(たえ) Yano Tae
Race Shiki, Corpse demon
Age 50+
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Staked
Gender Female
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Kaoru Katakai
Voice Actor Juli Erickson


Kanami's mother. She was a very kind and loving woman, and was supportive of her daughter. 


On August 8th, Tatsumi comes to her house late at night and wakes her up looking for Sotoba. After her daughtert tells him that he is already there, he apologizes for waking her and her daughter and says that he's moving to the mansion. After he leaves she remarks to her daughter what strange people are moving in.

From the 18th or August to the 21st, she visited Fuki Gotouda everyday. On the 20th, she looked a lot worse and tried to call Toshio, until Fuki stopped her.

On August 21st, She went to visit Fuki Gotouda with food since she mentioned she wasn't feeling well. When she calls to her, she wouldn't answer, so she called Toshio. she explained the situation and Toshio reviled she was dead.


She died because her blood was drained. She then rose up as a Shiki.

November 3rdEdit

Tae woke up after nightfall in a hut in the western mountains. She was confused as to where she was and hurried back home.


Tae after being staked

After Taketoshi went to close the door on her hut, he just closed the door, letting Tae escape. Tae found her way back home and Kanami let her in. When Tae told Kanami she was hungry, Kanami tried to make food for her, but Tae would just throw it up. Kanami accidently cut herself, and Tae tried to drink the fallen blood. Kanami then offered to give her mother her blood, and Tae tearfully agreed. When the Shiki extermination began, Kanami's childhood friend Motoko Maeda, whose entire family had been killed by her father-in-law, discovered Tae sleeping in a room devoid of sunlight. Kanami told Motoko not to tell anyone, and Motoko agreed, but later broke that promise by telling the Shiki hunters about Tae. She was then staked. 

Family TreeEdit



  • She was one of the only Shiki not to be under the Kirishiki's thumb, the only other one being Kyouko Ozaki.

Tae GalleryEdit

Anime AppearancesEdit


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