A stake is a weapon traditionally used to slay vampires and werewolves in various fictional media and folklore, and is also the primary weapon used against the shiki in the anime, manga, and novels. Within the series, they are fashioned out of rectangular or cylindrical pieces of lumber, with one end sharpened using knives and other tools.


Stakes are driven through the hearts of shiki using mallets or hammers. Usually, two or three humans would pin their victim to the ground, with one of them holding a stake in place at the point in the chest where the aorta and vena cava intersect. The other person would then use a hammer or mallet to drive the stake into the chest using powerful blows in quick succession. By the time it completely passes through the shiki's body, he or she will be permanently dead.

Variations Edit

  • Typical: Fashioned out of rectangular or cylindrical pieces of wood of various sizes, with one end being sharpened using a tool- such as a knife or an axe- to a point. Typical stakes have been shown to be fashioned out of firewood and small logs.
  • Small: Essentially a significantly smaller version of the typical stake. Tomio Ookawa was shown to carry them, and explained to Sunako Kirishiki that they were designed for small shiki such as herself.
  • Broken Pipes: On occasion, certain characters- such as Sadafumi Tamo and Hasegawa- have been seen using broken pipes and sharpened iron rods to pierce the hearts of shiki, in place of wooden stakes.

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