Sadafumi Tamo
Name Kanji ()() (さだ)(ふみ), Tamo Sadafumi
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Male
Seiyū Eiji Miyashita
Voice Actor Jonathan Brooks
"How many do I need to kill before the cicadas stop crying?"

Sadafumi Tamo is the son of Sadaichi, seen in episode 20.5.


In the early summer, he and his son Hiroya went to go fishing. While on their way there, they met up with part of the Yasumori family; Nao, Susumu, and Mikiyasu. They greet each other and Susumu sprays Hiroya with a water gun.

November 6Edit

He is shown mourning his father who had been shot in the head.

He gets up while everyone is eating and tells Toshio that they don't have time for this. He suggests that they go to the irrigation pipeline.

He goes with a group, including Toshio with him. He thinks that it's going to be fun to hunt them. He is the first one to stake a shiki and stakes Yuzuki from the library. He tells the group about how he's been tortured by the death of his son with the memory of the cicadas chirping while they went fishing together. The rest of the group apologizes and promise to stake later on.

The group goes farther and farther into the pipeline, killing shiki along the way. Sadafumi suggests that they go back, but Toshio says that they should just continue on. With Toshio, he stakes Ebuchi.

As they go even deeper, they begin to pull the remaining shiki out with a rope. He ties a rope around Nao's foot. Nao begs him not to and begins trying to kick him to free herself. He stabs her with his pole until she stops moving her legs. He waves the rest of them to pull her out. In the end, he stakes her through her back while wondering when the cicadas will stop crying.

Later that night, he is almost killed by a group of compelled humans. He is saved by a group of women, though.


Sadaichi TamoEdit

―Chapter 36

Sadaichi is the father of Sadafumi. Though they aren't shown together very much, he is shown to be upset after his death.

Hiroya TamoEdit

―Chapter 36

Hiroya is the son of Sadafumi. Sometime before the shikis appeared in town, he and his son went fishing together. This was his last memory of his son and he is haunted by the sound of the cicadas chirping on that day. His son died on October 17th.

Family TreeEdit


Anime AppearancesEdit


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