Sachiko Tanaka
Name Kanji ()(なか) ()()() Tanaka Sachiko
Race Human
Age Early/Mid 40s
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Drained of blood
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Unknown
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyū Keiko Aki
Voice Actor Linda Leonard

Sachiko Tanaka is the wife of Yoshikazu and mother to Akira and Kaori Tanaka. In the novel, she first appears at the roadside diner with her daughter, discussing the whereabouts the residents of the Kanemasa mansion.



At 9pm on Augush 11th, she recieves a phone call about Megumi. She went missing and hasn't returned home yet. She asks Kaori if she had seen Megumi. She tells her that she left her at the gate to the mountain.

October 23Edit

Love starts barking at him, causing Sachiko to come outside. He hides but eventually greets her. She becomes very frightened, thinking that he is a ghost. He tries to comfort her but she wont listen and yells at him to go back to his grave and stop haunting them. As she crawls away, he grabs her feet. While crying, he attacks her.

October 24Edit

Kaori and Akira aren't awakened like usual by their mother. They go to her room to tell her that they'r leaving. She is still and bed and seems sickly.


She genuinely loves her family, though she can be strict and overbearing. When frustrated, she often acts bitterly.


After Yoshikazu is bitten by Megumi, he eventually dies from blood loss and rises as a Shiki. Megumi convinces him to attack his family for survival. When he arrives back home, Love turns aggressive towards him. The dog's barking alerts Sachiko, who comes out to see what all the commotion is about. Yoshikazu surprises his wife and after a brief arguement, he overpowers and bites her. She eventually dies from having her blood drained, but does not come back as a Shiki.

Family TreeEdit


Anime AppearancesEdit


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