Ritsuko Kunihiro
Name Kanji 国広律子 Kunihiro Ritsuko
Race Human
Age 28
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Starved to death, then staked
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Nurse
Seiyū Nozomi Sasaki
Voice Actor Colleen Clinkenbeard



She has very long turquoise hair that spiral curls and reach her knees and blue eyes. She is either seen in a long white skirt and black high heel boots with black stockings and a blue blazer or a white shirt with elbow lenth sleeves with pink pants and brown boots but she is mostly seen in ther nurse uniform that consists of a knee length white dress and white stockings and white shoes and she also has to wear a white nurse hat that clips with bobby pins to her hair.


Nurse at Ozaki Clinic. She has a dog named Taro. Tooru Mutou has a crush on her. She used to have a boyfriend, who disliked the isolated Sotoba village, and offered to marry her and bring her to the city. Ritsuko refused, as she couldn't leave the place where she grew up and her family.

Ritsuko is very kind and caring, and is desperate to help anyone who has been affected by the shiki and support families who have lost someone. She is always prepared to help the doctor and his patients. She is friendly to everyone and has never been aggresive or mean. She loves her dog, Taro and takes him on walks often, and that is how she got bitten. She has worked as a Nurse for years and loves saving lives, and this is why she refuses to kill someone for their blood, as she still considered herself to be a nurse and to continue preserving lives.



Ritsuko's and Tooru's staked bodies

She treated herself at home and was suffocating. She called to her mother, but she wasn't there. She got up to go find her, but lost consciousness. She later regains consciousness in a shack in the mountains. Later, she gets bitten by Shimizu Ryuuji and Gotouda Shuji and dies. Then she is revived, waking up in the same cell everybody else did. However, she refuses to drink humans blood to live. For that, she slowly starts dying, while Tatsumi puts her in a cell with her co-worker whom she refuses to kill. She becomes mentally unstable as she yearn for blood, but still cares and lets her friend leave. She begins to hurt herself and cry constantly, because she would much rather die a saint than live as a monster.

November 5thEdit

In the western mountains outside of Sotoba, Ritsuko awakens in a shack. She is soon greeted by Yoshie and Tooru. She realizes that they are risen as well. She recalls how she died to them.

As Yoshie doesn't have to explain things to her, she leaves the rest to Tooru Mutou. He is surprised and asks why he would when three more people could awaken. She says that she and Tastumi are busy as it is and leaves.

First, he gives her clothes to change into and says that he'll wait outside. She won't accept them and says that since she's dead, her funereal kimono will do. She also says that she isn't going feed or kill anyone. He says that everyone says that at first but then everyone eventually surrenders to their hunger as it's too agonizing to bear. She says that her family must be dead as well.

She is staked in the heart like all the other Shiki, and Tooru stayed with her till the very end. He is seen in the last episode, to be laying on a wooden board with Ritsuko almost holding hands. They were both last seen when the village caught fire, burning all the bodies.


Ritsuko was a cheerful individual who maintained a good relationship with the people she was close to. She was friendly to all her co-workers and to her employer Toshio Ozaki. Her relationship with her family is also shown to be good.

Ritsuko was good friends with Tooru. They are often seen talking together, and Ritsuko also taught him how to drive. Tooru harbors feelings for Ritsuko despite Ritsuko being older. During the final moments of her life, he keeps her company. Although never established, it is hinted that in the end the feeling was mutual.


  • Ritsuko is the first true shiki who adamantly refuses to drink human blood. Even at the point of starvation she staves off her instincts to drink.
  • Ritsuko has the longest hair and the only hair that is turquoise in the anime.

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