Name Kanji (じょ)(しょう), Joshou
Volume 1
Release Date July 4, 2008
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Megumi walks through the village think how much she hates it. As she walks by, a woman tells her how some jizo statues in the middle of town were destroyed. She pretends to be polite to the woman, but she doesn't care. All she cares about is going to the city. She thinks it must have been Atsushi or an outsider. She says the only things she really cares about is the big house on the hill and Natsuno Koide.

In the Yamairi district, the police question Seishin Muroi. He explains that in the morning, he went to upper Sotoba to perform the rites of Shuuji Gotouda. He then tried to contract his relatives in Yamairi but he couldn't get through. That's when he discovered Mieko Murasako and Hidemasa Murasako, Shuuji's aunt and uncle, had already died. He then went nextdoor to borrow the phone, where he found Gigorou Ookawa. Seishin asked the Takami how they had died and he explained that they aren't sure how Hidemasa and Gigorou died, but Mieko died of natural causes. The two police thank him and depart.

Toshio Ozaki tells Seishin that he was present at the autopsy. He says that he can't get the smell out of his nose. Seishin says that he's relieved that she died of natural causes. Toshio remarks how strange it is that Mieko died much later than the two men. In other words, that she must have lived with her husband's corpse in her house.

On the 8th of August, Kaori Tanaka calls out to Megumi to hurry so they can walk to school together.

Character AppearancesEdit

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