Nao Yasumori
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Name Kanji 安森奈緒 Yasumori Nao
Race Shiki
Age 26
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Burned (by sunlight), then stabbed in the heart
Gender Female
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyū Itou Miki
Voice Actor Cynthia Cranz
"Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve them, and if I'll have to pay a price for so much happiness!"
―Nao Yasumori about her family[src]

Nao Yasumori is Mikiyasu's wife, Junko and Kazuya's sister-in-law, Tokujirou's and Setsuko's daugher-in-law, and Susumu's mother.


Nao is the wife of Mikiyasu and mother of Susumu. She had a terrible childhood because her parents were alcoholics who didn't care about her at all. She fell in love with Mikiyasu Yasumori and married him. Together, they had a son called Susumu. Mikiyasu's parents were loving people and Nao saw them as her own parents. She led a very happy existence in the village of Sotoba. Nao was a very cheerful young woman, almost always seen with a smile on her face.

When she rose as a shiki, Nao began to take her family members out one by one, misguidedly hoping to bring them back as Shiki. This shows that, due to her horrid childhood, she did not want to go back to being alone and wanted to hold onto the only source of happiness she'd ever had. It is evident that she still loves her family: for example, she embraces Setsuko (her mother-in-law) before biting her.

However, when none of her family members rose up, Nao begins to feel incredibly guilty for what she did, to the point of her hallucinating them. When she is dragged outside, Nao comes to a realization: she didn't really want to bring her family on the other side; "[she] wanted to go back. …but [She] can't. Never there. Never with them." She despairs, realizing her true punishment: "[she]'ll never be with [her] family again."


Her real parents were addicted to alcohol and gambling. The ended up practically committing fraud and ran off somewhere. They left without her when she was six years old.

Death as a HumanEdit

While the Yasumoris were celebrating one night with lighting fireworks, the new Kirishiki family (who moved into the Kanemasa mansion) greeted them, and Nao invited them into the Yasumori house. After this event, Nao quickly fell ill in the days that followed. Toshio Ozaki determined that it was the same illness that killed[1]Megumi Shimizu and that he wasn't able to cure her. Mikiyasu was devastated when Nao died.


A few days after her passing, Nao rose as a vampire and began to take her family members out one by one, hoping they would join her in the life as an undead. She first killed her son Susumu, but he didn't rise. She then killed her husband Mikiyasu, but he also stayed dead. After this she targeted her mother-in-law Setsuko Yasumori. During this time, Toshio Ozaki had discovered the existence of vampires and decided to guard Setsuko in his clinic.

270865-shiki 09 03 super

Toshio and Seishin discover a risen Nao outside the clinic

When Setsuko began calling for Nao, Toshio and Seishin opened the curtains and discovered Nao, who was supposed to be dead. As she didn't have an invitation to enter, Nao couldn't enter the clinic and decided to leave. Because Nao wasn't able to suck Setsuko's blood that night, Setsuko began to recover. The following night, Toshio once again guarded Setsuko. But this time, Tatsumi decided to help Nao out, and he along with a group of other vampires invaded the clinic. Tatsumi cut off the power and got into the clinic, and jumped outside with Setsuko, who had her blood sucked by Nao and a group of other vampires in the feeding frenzy. Although this killed her instantly, Setsuko didn't rise from the grave, either.

Tokujirou Yasumori was the next person to be targeted by Nao. He also died and didn't come back as a vampire. Nao, saddened and angry, decided to destroy any family that was happy.

Death as a ShikiEdit

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Nao screams at the sight of Susumu

Nao was killed when the war between the humans and the risen broke out. She hid in the pipelines along with other vampires such as Ebuchi, Sasaki, and Takatoshi Hirosawa. Suddenly she started seeing her deceased family, and became horrified by seeing them. She is dragged outside with many of the Shiki to be killed.


Sadafumi kills Nao

In the anime, she is to be burned in the sunlight, until Hasegawa mercifully stabs her so she doesn't die in agony. When Hasegawa finally reaches Nao, she looks up at him, her face already falling apart. She smiles, relieved to finally be freed from her pain. Hasegawa then runs her through the heart, finally killing her, and she is able to rejoin her family in Heaven as God takes mercy on her and accepts her into his open arms.

In the manga, she is staked to death by Sadafumi Tamo.


Junko YasumoriEdit


It is shown that she was jealous after her husband died and Junko's was fine. [1]


  • She was born into an alcoholic family.
  • Nao is the only character that had alcoholics and gamblers as parents.
  • She is the opposite story of Mokoto Maeda's story which is her family being taken away and Nao's family being taken by her

Family TreeEdit

Nao's father
Nao's mother


Anime AppearancesEdit


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