Namie Ookawa
Name Kanji 大川 浪江
Race Human
Status decesed
Cause of Death unknown
Gender Female
Voice Actor Julie Mayfield

She was Atsushi's grandmother and Tomio's mother. She is a sneaky woman who isn't afraid to lie in order to get what she wants, mostly out of Atsushi. She would often get Atsushi to do what she wanted by using Tomio's brutality against him. An example is when she got him to stop smoking by lying to Tomio and telling him that Atsushi was "threatening to kill her." resulting in Tomio violently punching his son across the face while Namie merely laughed at her grandson's expense.

Later, when Atsushi is resurrected as a Shiki, he makes his grandmother one of his first targets due to all the abuse he received because of her. He was originally intending to drain her blood, however, when she saw him she began to start a commotion which ended in Atsushi accidentally breaking her neck with his new found strength. As a result, she never rises.

Family Tree Edit


Anime Appearances Edit

  • Episode 14
  • Episode 15

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