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Motoko Maeda
Name Kanji 前田 元子 Maeda Motoko
Race Human
Age 25+
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Suicide (Burned)
Gender Female
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 13
Seiyū Sakamoto Satomi
Voice Actor Dana Schultes
"Why that fucking old man have to take Shihori and Shigeki with him?...He don't left me anything!"
―Motoko reffering to Iwao[src]

Motoko Maeda is also known as Moto-chan to her friends. She is focused on in episode 21.5.



A housewife from Lower Sotoba who works in drive-in Chigusa. She's xenophobic to the point of unhinged mentality, and forbids her children to play near the motorway as she believes the outsiders will take them away. Her conditions visibly worsens after her father-in-law, Iwao, becomes a Shiki and kills her husband, daughter, mother-in-law and culminates in insanity when her son, the last member of the family, died (after being bitten once).


Motoko was childhood friends with Kanami Yano. At some point, she married Isami Maeda and had two children. She lives with her mother-in-law, father-in-law, husband, and her son Shigeki and her daughter Shihori. She works at Chigusa with Kanami where she prepares set meals.

July 25thEdit

Motoko walks her two children to school. She stands and watches to make sure they're safe before going to her job.

As she walks into the restaurant, she greets Kanami, Hiroko, and Sachiko. Kanami says that she's late by two minutes. She seen her standing watching her children, and tells her that her kids are obedient, and they're safe. Motoko is still quite nervous about the national highway because outsiders to the village are reckless and there are accidents. She doesn't want any more outsiders to come to the village.

August 4thEdit

Motoko's father-in-law becomes ill. Motoko suggests that he goes to the hospital, but Iwao yells that he's fine. Her mother-in-law, Tomiko scolds her and says that she always worries needlessly. Motoko begins to say something, but Iwao demands that she shuts up. He says that he's going to bed early and leaves the room.

August 7thEdit


Toshio asks about Iwao

Iwao passes away and Toshio looks over his body. He asks various questions about how he was feeling. Since he refused to go to the doctor, Toshio is now forced to perform an autopsy. They begin to argue and, unprovoked, she slaps Motoko. She is shocked and Toshio jumps in between them. Tomiko says that it's Motoko's fault for being so noisy. She begins sobbing and her son comforts her.

Afterwards, Toshio apologizes for causing Tomiko to slap her. She asks about the autopsy and he says that he'll at least take some blood.

Shihori and Shigeki come inside. They ask if something happened. Motoko says that everything's fine as she starts to hug them.

October 8thEdit

Motoko phones the Ozaki Clinic. She explains that her husband isn't looking well. She tried to get him to go to the hospital, but he refused and his mother sided with him. Toshio agrees to check in on him later in the day.

October 11thEdit


Kanami looks at his dead body

Motoko phones Kanami early in the morining to say that her husband looks like he's dead.

Kanami comes to their house tells Motoko that she already called Toshio. She asks where Tomiko is. Motoko asks if Kanami heard about the epidemic. She says that it must be because of the people moved in on Kanemasa. Kanami says that the people in Yamairi died before that, so that can't be it. Motoko begins to worry about her children becoming sick. Kanami conforts her and tells her not to think about it like that.

Motoko concludes that it must have been Iwao pulling her family with him.

October 15thEdit

In the morning, Motoko wakes her children up for school. Shigeki gets up immediately, but Shihori lies in bed sickly.

Motoko runs through town carrying her daughter. Her body begins to feel more and more heavy, so she begins to carry her on her back. She comes to the Ozaki clinic only to find that it's closed. She slams her fist into the door and yells for him, but noone answers. Yoshie comes up behind her and suggests that she go to the other clinic that just opened up.

Motoko goes to the other clinic. She's uneasy that it is run by outsiders and that it's on the national highway. She goes anyway but finds that it's only open at night. She slams her head into the door and yells for them to open up and help her child. A group forms behind her and her mother-in-law storms across the street. She says that her daughter doesn't even ave a fever. She asks Shihori is she's alright and she says that she's fine. She scolds her for making a fuss over nothing.

Later that day, Shihori collapsed. Motoko asks Tokiko to watch her until midnight so she can sleep. She'll wake up at midnight and watch her until morning. She agreed. When Motoko woke up, she was asleep and Shihori was dead. Motoko kicked Tokiko in the back and screamed that it was her fault that her daughter is dead. Tokiko clearly has bite marks on her neck.

Sometime after this, they held Shihori's dunereal and Tokiko began acting strange. Eventually, she too passed away. She phones the undertaker and asked them to pick up her body quickly.


Motoko holds her son in the bathroom

During Tokiko's funreal, someone tells Motoko that someone seen Iwao. They wonder if he's behind all the deaths in her family.

Motoko brings a futon into the bathroom. She locks herself and Shigeki in there until the problem passes. She promises to protect him. She thinks that if they stay away from the national highway, they'll surly be fine.

November 6thEdit

She sits in the tub with her son who is now badly decomposed.

Battle against the ShikiEdit

"I beat you, old man."
—Motoko's last words

Later, Motoko joins the shiki extermination and betrays her friend Kanami's secret (that Kanami's mother Tae is now a shiki and currently hiding in their house) to the villagers, leading to Tae's death and Kanami abandoning the village. Motoko becomes obsessed with finding Iwao to avenge her children; her efforts are in vain as it's strongly implied that Iwao was already killed by Natsuno. In the end, she burns herself alive, with a insane grin on her face. She is responsible for the fire that burned the forest and village down.





  • Motoko is the second person to become insane after losing all of her family. The first is Yuuki Natsuno's father, but he is still alive.
  • She is the first person to commit suicide.
  • Motoko's story parallels Nao's, as she loses more and more of her family she becomes unhinged and desperate, and is incredibly jealous of people who still have living family members.

Motoko GalleryEdit


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