Miwako Muroi
Name Kanji 室井 美和子 Muroi Miwako
Race Human
Age 45-50
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Murdered
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Wife of Head Priest
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Aki Keiko
Voice Actor Jennifer Seman


Miwako Muroi is Seishin Muroi's mother and wife of Shinmei Muroi.

She was born in a neighbouring village before she married the priest.

She wasn't able to conceive a child until finally Seishin was conceived. As the shrine needed a heir, and the whole village wished for this, she was under constant pressure and felt very ashamed. Because of this, she treasured her son when he was born even more.

As the wife of the head priest, she earned the trust and respect of the villagers. She dresses in traditional kimono and speaks in a dignified but polite manner. Since her husband Nobuaki suffered a stroke and has been confined to his bed,
she cares for him most of the time.

As the villagers started dying off, Mistuo Tadokoro and his mother asked her if they could live with her. She agreed and said she would be happy to have them. She agrees that they had been feeling a little depressed for a while. Mitsuo promised to protect her and her family.[1]

November 4thEdit

At 9o'clock, she calls out to Mitsuo Tadokoro. Crying, she tells him that she can't find Seishin Muroi anywhere. He tells her that he hadn't seen him either.


When her son, Seishin, tried to help Sunako leave the Kirishiki mansion, they both stopped at the temple to temporarily get away from the villagers who were chasing them. As the villagers approached the temple, they were not able to find the escapees. The villagers questioned all the household including Miwako but they denied any involvement with the actions of Seishin.


All Shiki Deaths 006 0011

Seishin discovering his dead mother.

The villagers, who are already volatile from the situation, lashed out on all the temple personnel, including Miwako, killing all of them in the process. Seishin deeply regrets and mourns for his mother afterwards.



  • Her maiden name is Yamamura.

Family TreeEdit


Anime AppearancesEdit


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