Masaharu Koike
Name Kanji ()(いけ) (まさ)(はる) Koike Masaharu
Gender Male
Seiyū Kouji Ishii

Masaharu Koike is in episode 5 and episode 15.

Masaharu plays a very small role in the anime. He organized funerals. in episode 15 he walks during the night (likely on his way home) and waves to two young men who are Shiki as they pass. He thinks for a moments about how cheerful they are, then remembers organizing one of their funerals. He turns to find both of them standing behind him, staring at him. The scene switches from there and comes back later with Masaharu running away. He finds a house with an old couple. He falls to his knees begging for help, but they ignore him, and greet the other two Shiki. Masaharu gets dragged away by the Shiki as he begins to realize what all these people have become.

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