Kyouko Ozaki
Name Kanji ()(ざき) 恭子 Ozaki Kyouko
Race Shiki
Age 32
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Staked (By her husband)
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Antique Shop owner
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 9
Seiyū Mizutani Yuko
Voice Actor Jamie Marchi
"Wow. You really do look exhausted."
―Kyouko Ozaki to Toshio
 On October 3rd at 3pm, Toshio returns home to find his wife. She hates living in the rural village. She manages an antique shop in the town centre in Mizobe district. She rents and lives in an apartment in the same district. She was called home by her mother-in-law, saying that her husband wanted her to come. She knew she was lying, but came anyway. Toshio tells her that there's no reason for her to stay, but she had already closed up the shop.

Kyouko Ozaki is the wife of Toshio. She owns a store. She is at odds with her mother in law, as Takae thinks Kyouko should be more proper. On her first appearance, Kyouko closed her store since her mother-in-law lied and said that her husband was exhausted and he said that if she was a good wife she'd be looking after him. Though she knows she's lying, she comes to town after closing her store anyway. One day, being bored since her husband is too tired and she doesn't like her mother-in-law, she notices Tatsumi and soon after invites him in. He shares some gossip with Kyouko so she can tease her mother-in-law.

At least 2 days later Toshio realizes that she is sick and that she must have been bitten. Takae tells him that she had been trying to get in her room but she wouldn't answer for the past few days. He tells his mother to call someone with a stretcher and brings her to the clinic.

On October 10th she flatlines after being bitten again by Tatsumi. He tells his staff not to worry about her after this and that he'll look after her on his own, though they don't know that she had died. Toshio surrounds her body in ice and waits for her to rise.

On October 14 she starts to rises and on October 15, he calls one of his employees to tell them that he's going to close the clinic. He says it's because Kyouko isn't doing well but he is actually just experimenting on her. While on the operating table she wakes up, terrified. He tries to give her anesthetics, though nothing works. She begs for him to stop. He tests various things, like trying the use of religious figures and various things to kill her, such as cutting vital arteries. Through the whole thing, he narraates to a video camera what he is doing and finaly comes to the conclusion that he must either cut off her head or stab her in the heart. He stabs her in the heart with a stake, killing her.

After this, she has a funeral at the temple which her husband and mother-in-law attend.


She ultimately gets bored with Toshio, who never spends time with her, and decides to spend her time with Tatsumi, who she found standing outside the clinic. She invited him into her home and is seen talking to him. She faints at her home after being bitten over three times, presumably by Tatsumi. Toshio puts her in one of the patient rooms of the clinic. In the manga, Tatsumi finishes draining her blood in the clinic that night, killing her.

Resurrection and The EndEdit

When she died and was revived as a Shiki, Toshio confined her in an operating room and conducted various experiments on her to find out the Shikis' weaknesses, treating her as a test subject. She was confused throughout the ordeal wondering why her husband was doing this to her. In the end, he impaled her through the chest with a wooden stake, killing her.

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Anime AppearancesEdit


  • She was the first shiki to be staked.

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