Kiyomi Nagata
Name Kanji (なが)()(きよ)() Nagata Kiyomi
Race Human
Age 40+
Personal Status
Occupation Nurse
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 4
Seiyū Kaoru Iketani
Voice Actor Laurie Steele


Kiyomi Nagata is one of the nurses from Toshio Ozaki's clinic. She is married with a young daughter. Kiyomi is a friendly, courageous woman and cares for patients carefully. As can be seen in the anime she is a very helpful, trustworthy and trusting nurse.


She was one of the first few people in Sotoba to know of the spreading epidemic. The sudden spread of disease that first shows symptoms of a severe cold or fever, but inevitably leads to death exudes her great concern. She assumes, to a greater extent, that more residents will fall victims to this unknown disease. She naturally thinks first and of her husband and their young daughter. As a nurse, she is worried and tries, like all her colleagues, at her best to prevent the deaths.

It is unknown whether or not her family survived the war between the Shikis and the humans. It is heavily hinted that all clinic personnel were targeted early on by the Shikis. She is a nurse and knowledgeable about the definite existence of something strange about the epidemic, albeit to a medical perspective.


  • She has a bowlcut hairstyle and often wears red lipstick.
  • In her spare time, she usually has a blue, long shirt and a brown, long pants with white shoes on.

Anime AppearancesEdit


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