Iwao Maeda
When Iwao was alive
Name Kanji 前田巌 Maeda Iwao
Race Shiki
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Staked (anime)
Burned (manga)
Gender Male
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 16

He lives in a house with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.


It seems that he has brutal personality. This personality turned murderous after he rose up, as he killed his wife, son and grandchildren. He boasted about not getting sick once because of his robustness. Not even a cold or a stomach ache could get him to stay in bed.


August 4thEdit

Iwao begins to seem sickly. His daughter-in-law suggests that he should go to the hospital, but this causes him to get angry and yell that he's fine. When she begins to protest he tells her to shut up. He decides that going bed early will make him get well.

August 7thEdit

He passes away. Dr. Ozaki comes to his house to do an autopsy, causing he and Iwao's wife to argue because she doesn't want him to. In the end, he takes a blood sample so he an write the death certificate.

October 26thEdit

As Oitarou and another woman are gossiping, Akira overhears them say that someone that looked like the dead Iwao was spotted in Itou's abandoned houses.

At a little past noon, Akira goes there to investigate. The doors and windows are all locked and boarded up from the inside. In one of the closets, he finds Iwao, who's asleep. Akira gets his stake ready and is about to kill Iwao, but Tatsumi sneaks up from behind and strangles him until he passes out. He then ties Akira up.

At 5pm, Iwao wakes up to find Akira unable to move.

November 7Edit


Iwao is killed by Natsuno

After Motoko demands that Toshio go to Yamairi to find Iwao, Toshio thinks that Iwao is already dead, because Natsuno already killed him.





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