Ikumi Itou
Name Kanji ()(とう) (いく)() Itou Ikumi
Race Human
Age 60+
Status Presumed Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Gender Female
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 6
Seiyū Narahashi Miki
"I'll make them realize who's right soon!"
―Ikumi Itou


Her parents forced her into marrying her husband. Her two first sons were smart and cute, but died in childhood. Her youngest child is still alive, but Ikumi sees only her father in her. She was happy when her husband died, as she felt her life was just beginning again.


The self-proclaimed shaman of the village, though she is treated as if she is crazy.

Battle against ShikisEdit

She realized the existence of Shiki or the Risen. She tried to show the villagers the Kirishiki's true nature, but nobody believed her. Later on, she is lured outside to a bridge in an unknown location during the night by a shiki pretending to be a terrified woman who was attacked. Ikumi is never seen again.

October 24Edit

Akira hears from one of the elders that Iwao Maeda was seen in Tamae Itou's house.


It is unknown if she died but we think she was killed by the shiki at the end of the 11th episode.

Family TreeEdit



  • She was once married years ago to a man whom she saw as a fool.  She later had two sons and her daughter, Tamae Itou.  She later became a widow after the men in her family died, though she was glad.
  • When her daughter begs her to stop with the insanity, Ikumi sees her disbelief and ignorance as a resemblance to her deceased father.


Anime AppearancesEdit


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