Name Kanji ()()(がわ) Hasegawa
Status Alive
Seiyū Hayato Nakata
"Dwelling in our tragedy won't make it any less terrible."
―Hasegawa to Chiyomi[src]

Hasegawa owns Cafe Creole. He is introduced at 5:50 in episode 11 while talking to Yuuki, Tashiro and Hirosawa.

He has a wife named Chiyomi, seen in episode 20.5.

He had one son with his wife who died in an accident. They moved to Sotoba to get away from that memory.

He is reluctant to kill the Shiki when the extermination begins participating in a Shiki cleansing in the pipelines, many villagers drag the Shiki outside to be killed in the daylight seeing how agonizing it is, he mercifully stabs them so they don´t die in agony.

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