Fuki Gotouda
Name Kanji ()(とう)() ふき Gotouda Fuki
Age 67
Gender Female

Fuki Gotouda is mentioned in episode 2 as having died August 21. She was killed by Shuuji Gotouda and didn't revive.

On the 18th of August, Fuki began to look sluggish. She was depressed about her son, her brother and sister in law dying one aget another. She looked very sleepy and kept staring into space, so Tae thought it could have been a summer cold.

On the 20th, Tae visited her and she looked a lot worse. Her fever rose 8.5 degrees. Tae said she'd phone the doctor but Fuki suddenly told her not to.

On August 21st, Tae went to visit Fuki Gotouda with food. When she calls to her, she wouldn't answer, so she went in anyway. She called Toshio. She explained the situation and Toshio revealed she was dead.

Family TreeEdit

Hidemasa Murasako
Mieko Murasako

Anime AppearancesEdit


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