Chizuko Murasako
330845-vlcsnap 91823
Name Kanji 村迫 智寿子 Murasako Chizuko
Race Human
Age late 30s
Status Alive
Gender Female
First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyū Maki Terakado
Voice Actor Kayla Carlyle
"A cruel uncaring liar, unable to sympathize with others, lacking any shred of imagination, never hesitating to coldly use others for his own ends...Masao-kun, this is the kind of person you are."
―Chizuka to Masao[src]

Chizuko Murasako is the wife of Munetaka and is Masao's sister-in-law. She is the mother of Chika and Hiromi, who is eventually killed by a Shiki.


She is a light-hearted person who loves Munetaka and her children very much. When Hiromi becomes weak and sickly, she is very concerned for him. She dislikes Masao although she doesn't show it, and notices that he hates her children because before they were born, he was spoiled by the family.

When the Shiki extermination began, she retains her cheery personality despite the blood and gore that her job during the extermination came with. Following the norm that Shiki were evil monsters that must be killed in order for the villagers of Sotoba to live peacefully, she did not hesitate and acts calmly before killing the risen Masao when she invites him into their home.

Battle Against Shiki'sEdit

During the Shiki extermination, Chizuko and other women villagers aid the men by preparing meals and disposing of the bodies dropped off in their care. When Tatsumi's controlled villagers attacks Toshio and Ookawa in the shrine, the women save them by attacking the villagers with pots and pans. When Masao attempts to hide from the Shiki hunts, he eventually comes to Chizuko's door begging for help. Taking up a steel pipe and poising it behind her, she invites him in, saying that Masao "was family".


  • Working at the Murasako rice shop with her in-laws, she has experience moving bags of rice, so she is used to jobs that require heavy lifting despite her age.

Family TreeEdit


Anime AppearancesEdit

  • Episode

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