Name Kanji カイン Kain
Race Jinrou
Gender Male


One of the two characters in Seishin's book entitled: "Shiki".

In his story, the Earth had been frozen over and hardened up and down, many times over. The dark and gloomy sky hangs low, where the clouds and the Earth has the world beautifully divided into two. Cain has been cursed and exiled. When night comes he comes to a wasteland. His younger brother who had already been slain, that corpse should have been buried together with his grief. Yet tonight, it comes again; resurrected from its grave. Abel is a shiki.

Cain is an outcast. Everything he touched was ruined. Try as he might, he couldn't do anything correctly. When he drew water from the well it would turn to dirt. His younger brother was much loved. He was kind hearted and caring. His precence woyld bring smiles to everyone around him. Cain ultimately kills him.

For killing his younger brother he was exiled from his town, but his brother still fallows him around.

In the story, it is said that Cain was cursed and exiled. In the story, Cain tills the land whilst his brother Abel is a Shepherd. Out of jealousy for his brother, one day in the Shepherds field, Cain killed his younger brother with a pitchfork and was banished from the lands by the people. Following him across the lands was his risen brother, and during that time together, Cain became a Jinrou.

Whilst travelling, Abel eventually admitted that he was actually waiting for Cain to kill him and seemed to be grateful that he was killed. After that, unlike how Shiki normally die, Abel just simply vanished into thin air like a ghost, as if he never even existed.

Once his brother had disappeared, Cain came to the realisation that he and Abel were in fact, the same person. Stating that it was he who had died, as well as being the one who commited the murder of himself. In short terms, suicide.

Anime AppearancesEdit


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