August is a month of several events, such as the deaths mentioned in episode 2. Some of the later dates are also associated with deaths in episode 21.5.

August 6thEdit

Seishin Muroi discovers the bodies of Mieko Murasako and Hidemasa Murasako already died after not being able to contract Shuuji Gotouda's relatives. When he finds their bodies he goes to use Gigorou Ookawa's phone, but he finds his body. He tells what happened to the police.

August 8thEdit

At Kanami Yano's house, Tatsumi appears with a moving truck and wakes up Tae Yano and her daughter. He gets directions from her daughter.

August 11Edit

Kaori and Megumi get into a fight when Kaori says that she isn't really interested in the mansion or the people in it.

As Megumi storms away, she senses someone looking at her. While showing off, she trips and Tatsumi and Seishirou Kirishiki come out side to see if she's alright. She then goes missing.

The town searches for Megumi on the mountain.

August 12thEdit

Megumi is found be villagers. She can stand and the villagers call Toshio Ozaki.

Dr. Ozaki goes to Megumi's house where her parents thank him for coming all the way there. He finds that there isn't anything wrong with her physically. She won't eat anything. She doesn't have a fever, just some insect bites. She is found to be anemic. He says that he is going to draw some blood. Her parents are both relieved. Mugumi says that she's very sleepy. She can only remember being welcomed by Tatsumi and Seishirou Kirishiki.

August 13Edit

Kaori goes to visit Megumi. She thinks to herself that she looks much worst. To cheer her up, She tells Megumi that she met Chizuru Kirishiki while she was talking to Yasuyuki Ootsuka from the lumber mill. She says she is stylish and that she felt embarassed for only wearing a T-shirt. Somehow, Megumi remebers how beautiful she is as well.

August 15Edit

At the hospital, Toshio Ozaki recieves a call, waking him up. Megumi died. Kaori Tanaka, Akira Tanaka, and Natsuno Koide all receive the same news.

Natsuno thinks that there is no reason for him to close the window anymore. His parents are leaving for the funeral and his mother asks if he's ready. She says that it's terrible and people are just dying one after another. His father says that it's just because it's a small village, so every death seems significant.

August 16Edit

Kaori attends Megumi's funereal, sadly.


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