Akira Tanaka
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Name Kanji ()(なか) (あきら) Tanaka Akira
Race Human
Age 13
Status Alive
Gender Male
First appearance
Anime Debut First Blood
Seiyū Kawakami Keiko
Voice Actor Luci Christian


Akira Tanaka is Kaori Tanaka's younger brother and he is in 7th grade, and is also a childhood friend of Megumi Shimizu. He is among the youngest characters in the series, and one of the first villagers to discover the existence of shiki, alongside Natsuno Koide.

Personality Edit

Akira is strong-willed and hot-headed. He has a tendency to act childish quite a bit, such as acting impulsively and needing to be woken up by his family, but he is nonetheless an individual devoted to protecting his family and village from the invading shiki.

He is shown to be an effective foil to Natsuno; where the later is just as determined as Akira, he is calm and sometimes has difficulty making bold moves against the shiki. Akira, on the other hand, tends to be reckless and easily angered, but overall he is able to make the quick judgments necessary for victory that Natsuno himself struggled to make.


Akira is introduced as the younger brother of Kaori Tanaka, and therefore the youngest member of the Tanaka household. In the early stages of the series, he begins to suspect that the Kirishiki family is responsible for the deaths in the village, but is unclear how until the series progresses, at which point he begins to believe they are "okiagari".

His sister dismisses his concern as being childish, but nonetheless begins to accompany him in his investigations. He eventually teams up with Natsuno, whom also suspects undead have invaded the village. When they see for themselves that shiki exist and have been turning the villagers (upon encountering and subduing one at Megumi's grave site), Akira becomes determined to eradicate the shiki. He and Kaori vow to stand beside Natsuno in this mission.

Akira is later shown being distressed about Natsuno's apparent and impending death, and is even more dismayed when Natsuno's father refuses to allow them to visit and decorate his room with various religious items. When Natsuno finally dies and his own family begins being targeted by the shiki, Akira becomes even more determined to destroy all the shiki in the village.

He eventually overhears some of the village elders gossiping about the recently abandoned Itou house being seemingly occupied, with someone looking like the late Iwao Maeda entering and leaving it in the night. Akira rushes home and orders Kaori to start fashioning stakes out of lumber from their store room. He takes one of these stakes with him along with a hammer, and enters the Itou house, where he discovers Maeda sleeping in a closet shrouded with a curtain in the basement.

As Akira prepares to stake the shiki, he is caught off-guard by Tatsumi, who seemingly tailed the boy into the house. He knocks Akira out, before tying him to a support beam directly in front of the closet Iwao slept in. Upon his waking, sun has begun to set, and Iwao wakes up smiling to the boy restrained before him. Later, it is revealed that Natsuno rescues him shortly after this, taking him to an emergency room outside of the village and, in the manga, tying Iwao up to a tree to burn in the daylight.

Akira is last seen in the emergency room in bed, alongside his sister, both rescued by Natsuno.


It is shown that even as a shiki, Natsuno still cares about Akira and Kaori and tries to help them

Akira is saved by Natsuno and enter in the bus when stop in the hospital, and he is reunited with his sister.

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